for kids

We are looking for global partners and distribution channels for our cutting edge product
for kids

We are looking for global partners and distribution channels for our cutting edge product
Your customer will be happy with our brand new product
Zephyr is a kinetic plasticine for kids that helps develop fine motor skills and provides children with a completely new playing experience due to its unique properties.

It's a brand new product made of lightweight and resilient patent pending material. It is safe, environmentally friendly and multifunctional. You can stretch it and even build large objects since it preserves its form and do not spill under own weight.
Unique properties
Our patent pending technology provides unique Non-Newtonian properties which make Zephyr lightweight, resilent, fluffy and solid at the same time depending on how it’s used
Safe and Kid-friendly
Zephyr is a kid-friendly product. It’s completely safe and recommended for using in kindergartens and educational establishments. It contains hypoallergenic polymeric materials and food coloring as a dye.
Our product is suitable for environmentally conscious consumers since it is designed with environment in mind. Its material is non-toxic and environmentally safe.
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Easy start
Even if you buy the minimum batch we provide you with the wholesale prices.
Cutting edge product
An opportunity to offer your customers a brand new technologically advanced product with unique properties and no analogues
Our product addresses all major concerns of modern conscious customer. It is safe, suitable for kids, environmentally friendly and, as a result, easier to sell
Best price
We offer the lowest price since we are the developer and manufacturer of the product.
As we are original manufacturer, you can be confident in product quality
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Submit application for information on partnership
What is Zephyr made of?
Zephyr contains ultralight particles (75%) and non-toxic polymer (25%).
Is Zephyr non-toxic?
Yes. Zephyr is designed as a safety-first product for kids and is completely non-toxic. Food coloring is used as a dye. It was specifically tested according to safety standards and suitable for selling as product for children.
Is Zephyr hypoallergenic?
Yes. Zephyr is hypoallergenic. It contains antiseptic and has no toxic substances in its composition. Exception are people with a rare form of synthetic polymer allergy.
Is Zephyr environmentally safe?
Yes. Zephyr is designed with environment in mind. Its components are environmentally safe making Zephyr a perfect product for environmentally conscious consumers.
What is non-Newtonian fluid?
Non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid that changes its properties depending on velocity gradient. What does it mean? The more intense and rougher the impact on Zephyr is, the harder it is. For example, if you put pressure on Zephyr rapidly, it will become tighter. In this state it can bounce as a ball and doesn't fall apart. The softer the impact on Zephyr is, the more flexible and stretchable it is. Non-Newtonian properties are typical for fresh Zephyr that has spent some time in open air after long play. Zephyr that is already warm and saturated with moisture from your hands acquires properties of usual Newtonian fluids. It almost completely stops to react to rough impact but reacts to humidity and warmness, becoming soft, lightweight and fluffy.
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